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About Us

Whereas, our company, referred to as ARDI Energy Solutions, was established by an individual called FISEHA, who used to be employed in France company referred to as ETDE-FRANCE which has been performing quality works since its introduction in 2009/10; and, it also had a time where adequate experience and training on Electrical power distribution and Transmission was shared from professional and renowned French and other foreign workers while working with them. This company called ARDI was established because of the Technical, material and moral support from local contractor company and their owners, besides the foreigners who were the colleagues. Besides the technical and consultancy support from the local companies, ARDI also had opportunities to work with them when they experience burdened tasks and escalation of projects. Whereas, Beta and TSD are commendable amongst these, the company is currently able to achieve a good success by engaging with several private and governmental projects. Whereas, the founder noticed the immense lack of personnel in the power technicians in Ethiopia as well as the lack of electro-mechanical professional with regard to the overall power generation distribution and transmission system, although there were some, since they were not sufficient numerically, considering that there could be vast task to be completed in Ethiopia for a long run, the work is commenced legally in 2010/2011, by strengthening the initiative, thereby being invested in the sector.

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Experienced Team Members

Abdulkadir Husain
General Manger
09 1111 5956
Fiseha Menbere
Technical Director
09 1126 4036
Endalkachew Yegoraw
09 1199 4323
Binyam Attenafu
Lassen Officer
09 1111 5149