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12+ Years Experience In Electric power Generation and Distribution Energy industry

ARDI Energy Solutions, was established by an individual called FISEHA, who used to be employed in France company referred to as ETDE-FRANCE which has been performing quality works since its introduction in 2009/10; and, it also had a time where adequate experience and training on Electrical power distribution and Transmission was shared from professional and renowned French and other foreign workers while working with them. This company called ARDI was established because of the Technical, material and moral support from local contractor company and their owners, besides the foreigners who were the colleagues. Besides the technical and consultancy support from the local companies, ARDI also had opportunities to work with them when they experience burdened tasks and escalation of projects. Whereas, Beta and TSD are commendable amongst these, the company is currently able to achieve a good success by engaging with several private and governmental projects.

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More About Ardi

Our Vision

Our vision is to work closly with our custmers and provide them with sustainable and reliable Electrical Power Solutions .

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the electrical Power Supply infrastracture of Ethiopia by manufacturing , importing, Contacting and Supply, Electrical Power
Related Equipments and parts for HV and LV applicants including UPS , Solar systems, Generators and Distribution lines.

Our Services

The main services are as we say before its important and significant roles to implement a crucial electrical power works some examples of our services that we provide include


Generator Set Erection foundation constriction,
Installation, Test, Commissioning, Service, Maintenance and Preventive Maintenance up to 2000 KVA

Solar systems

- Solar systems Installation Test And Commissioning
- Constriction of PV Mounting Structure
- Cleaning of installed PV panel

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

- Uninterruptable Power Supply / UPS /
- Installation, Test and Commissioning up to 150 KVA
- Maintenance of UPS and UPS Battery

Distribution lines

- MV & LV distribution lines constriction , installation test and commissioning - Over-head & Underground Lines - Distribution and power transformer erection - Cable joint & Termination - Cable tray systems - Sub-station, Compact distribution substation & net-station - KWHM CT & VT - Refilling of Sf6 Gas and Transformer Oil

Tools Equipment’s & Machineries

- Maintenance of Power TOOLS, EQUIPMENTS AND MACHINERIS Insulation tester, Volt Meters, meters, Grounds, MV Detectors Crimping tools, UG Cable fault detectors, pole shoe cable stringing Equipment’s
Our Projects

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Metro Generator Muffler

Customer Name – Metropolitan Real Estate
Year- 2021
Location – Bole Friendship area


Moha MV relocation

Customer Name – Moha Soft Drink industry
Year- 2023
Location – Gotera Pepsi


EEP core Data center Ups

Customer Name - Ethiopia Electric Power / EEP
Year- 2023
Location – Kotebe HEAD office

Our Supply’s


 Manufacturing, Importing and Supplying of Items and Parts of MV and LV Distribution line, Generator, Solar system, Uninterruptable Power Supply / UPS /, Power Tools Equipment and Machineries

Generator Parts

- Generator up to 2000 KVA
- Fuel filter. oil filter .air cleaner. Batter. coolant
- Governor , Charger , Control panel , CT, AVR

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MV and LV Distribution Items

- Transformer , Compact transformer and switch gears
- Cross arm , collar , tie strap , long bolt, supporting bracket , hook MV and LV
- Insulators pin , chain insulator PG Clamp al/al clump , al/cu clamp

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Solar systems Items

- PV Panel ,Battery, charging controller , inverter , DC Cables, DC Cable connectors
- PV mounted structures

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Uninterruptable Power Supply / UPS /

- UPS UP TO 1500 KVA
- UPS Battery , Cord Cables , mother board, system software
- Power supply

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Tools equipment’s and Machineries

- Electrical gloves , Boots and Heal mate
- MV and LV detector and Grounds Voltmeter, insulation tester / Megers/
- cable cutters, crimper , striper, remover

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General Manger
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Fiseha Menbere
Technical Director
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Endalkachew Yegoraw
Electrical Office Engineer
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Binyam Attenafu
Lassen Officer
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